San Diego is often called “America’s Finest City” and is beautifully positioned along the Pacific Coast. Luxury homes San Diego reflect the beauty of their location, and are built in some of the most affluent communities in the United States, including La Jolla. The community of La Jolla, is also know as the “Jewel by the Sea” and has a plethora to choose from as far as the style, location and size of a luxury home or condominium. Residents enjoy first class shopping, unique fine dining, landmarks and well-know attractions. Living in the Jewel by the Sea means constant indulging of luxury living. You are guaranteed to be living in a gorgeous area of San Diego that is well known for its stunning coastline and striking views. It’s clear and sunny nearly the entire year and is also known for its hospitality, cleanliness and safety.

Most homes in La Jolla have been designed in the style of “California Ranch” and “Spanish Mediterranean.”  The landscape of La Jolla is blessed with an abundance of natural and scenic beauty, including hills, trees, grass, cliffs and canyons. The careful and thought out planning of the architecture fits in very nicely with its beauty, and creates an overall uniqueness that makes La Jolla stand out as one of California’s premier spots for luxury homeowners. If you are interested in becoming part of the La Jolla family of luxury home owners, then call La Jolla San Diego Real Estate at: (619) 777-8354 and we will help you find your dream home.

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