La Jolla Farms Homes

La Jolla Farms homes are located at the north edge of La Jolla situated over rugged sandstone cliffs. Homeowners in this area enjoy bird’s-eye views of Blacks Beach and the Grand Pacific Ocean. It’s a perfect place for sight-seer’s who are in search of spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see. Tremendous orange sunsets over the ocean horizon make the unique features of this unbelievable area of San Diego even more spectacular.

Awe-Inspiring Cliffs

The Farms is famous for the hang gliders that take off over the cliffs, and Black’s Beach make for la jolla farms homesinspiring views of sun-bathers and surfers. In the sky over the ultra high-end estates are what some will say the best views on earth, and for animal lovers, there is an array of wildlife to watch such as seagulls, whales, sea lions and dolphins. Since there are more cliffs than beachfront, residents experience more privacy from outsiders on the beach that may wander up through the cliffs from their beach walks. Most residents like this feature because it offers more security. And because La Jolla Farms is largely residential, you will not see the usual assortment of boutiques and restaurants as the Village. It’s mostly few labs, office buildings, and college research centers., however,  you will find a Ralph’s supermarket and a small shopping center close by.

All The Marks of a Wealthy, Upscale Neighborhood

The prestigious ocean-front properties and grand gated estates of the Farms neighborhood offer some very expensive and exclusive homes. The cliffside estates carry some of the highest appraised property values in California. The Farms has all the marks of a wealthy neighborhood: large estate homes in gated perimeters, lush green landscaping, and a private security force that patrol the area in marked vehicles.  La Jolla Farms homes boasts some of the largest coastal homes in Southern California ranging in size from half acre to 5-acre and larger lots.

La Jolla Farms

The sea-side cliffs of The Farms defines oceanfront living as the ultimate in the luxury living experience. For those wishing to acquire a home with a distinctive California address, La Jolla Farms will embrace your fullest desires. You could live anywhere in the world, but if you choose to live in beautiful San Diego, then why not consider living in La Jolla Farms. We will guide you through the process of buying a home using their extensive knowledge of California Real Estate. Call us at style=”color: #207ea9;”>(619) 777-8354 and an agent will provide you with a professional guided tour of La Jolla Farm’s beautiful estate living.