Buying a Home in San Diego and La Jolla

Selling Your Home san diego la jollaWhatever the reason, whether you are relocating from a different state, moving close to good schools, downsizing your home, divorce sale or job transfer, selling your home can be an overwhelming process. Here are some practice steps to follow when it’s time to sell your home.

Your home’s value: If a home is not selling, it’s usually the price. Setting a realistic price from the beginning is the foundation to a successful sale. This is why it is so important to get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A realistic price starts with knowing what the neighborhood trends are. Don’t choose the listing agent who suggests the highest list price.

The preparation: This is the time to give your home a good inspection both interior and exterior. Make a list of any improvements that can be done to make it as attractive as possible. Most times the simple things have the biggest results. Run your ideas by our La Jolla San Diego real estate agent. They will help you with your list and prioritize the items that matter most.

Choose a good Pro: Don’t just hire any Realtor. You want someone with a proven history of success and with the right attitude, someone that has the time to concentrate on the sale of your home. Your home should be the focus! Good negotiating skills. Do not overlook this. Poor negotiations means money out of your pocket.

Marketing: Today’s buyers are coming from the Web and mobile devices. Look for an agent with a clear marketing plan that incorporates both Web and mobile exposure. Successful sales today comes from being found first.

Availability: Once your home is registered with MLS, accessibility to your home is paramount. Don’t lose potential buyers because you can’t be available. Make it as easy as possible for your potential buyers to contact you and see your home. And, give potential buyers space when viewing your home. It will be easier to imagine themselves at home without you hovering about.

Communication: Communication is key to real estate closings. Choose a Realtor who actually answers the phone, return calls, text messages or emails right away. Your Realtor, also responds to potential home buyers and buyers agents (not just responds to your calls) and accommodates showings and schedules appointments of your home without any hassles and presents you ALL offers, by phone or by email regardless what the offers might be, you decide.

These are just some helpful tips to when it comes to selling your home.  Please contact La Jolla San Diego Real Estate today with questions and concerns for all your real estate needs. You will be glad you did.

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