Bird Rock Homes

Bird Rock HomesLa Jolla is an affluent neighborhood in San Diego California. It is a  seaside community, occupying 7 miles of coastline along the Pacific Coast. Bird Rock is a small section within the larger community of La Jolla and is located right at the southern end of La Jolla. The mostly residential neighborhood includes Bird Rock homes for 1,400 to 1,500 families, with a commercial district along the main street, La Jolla Boulevard.  The shoreline is beautiful and rocky. Even though the shoreline has no beach, the reefs are used for snorkeling and surfing.

The Terrain

The neighborhood is named for an offshore rock that was described as having the shape of a bird and is often photographed with a wide variety of  birds, including seagulls and pelicans perching on it. The rock formerly included an arch with an opening under it, but the arch was eroded by wave action and finally collapsed in December 2010. The actual location of the rock is located at the southern end of La Jolla, and is a large inter-tidal area that is relatively accessible and a popular destination for tide-pooling. In low tide, Bird Rock comprises more than an acre of rough rocky tide pools. A cement staircase leads from the western end of Bird Rock Avenue down to the shore. Because the area between the boulder shore and Bird Rock is fairly flat, the returning tide can rise very quickly. The relative flatness also requires a very low tide for the pools to be revealed.

The Community

The La Jolla Community Planning Association is a local association that advises the city on matters involving Bird Rock and Bird Rock homes. It’s aim is to improve the quality of life in Bird Rock and maintain a healthy business atmosphere along its main commercial street La Jolla Boulevard. It also strives to “honor Bird Rock’s history and preserve its unique identity within the community of La Jolla.” In addition, it maintains the Bird Rock Maintenance Assessment District.

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